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Even though summer is almost over, the sensitive skin on lips needs care. Let’s protect it throughout the year to keep our lips smooth, elastic and moisturised. Are lip balms enough? Sadly, they are not. If you care for beautiful and seductive lips, follow the tips I’ve posted below.

UV filter lip balms 

Although lip balms are not the only protective products you can use, applying them all year round pays off. They shield the lip skin from the sunlight both in summer and winter. Yes, UV rays reach the Earth even in winter and may trigger pigmentation spots and wrinkles. Remember that long sunbathes lead to the loss of collagen, which results in poorer lip volume. Which lip balm should you go for? It should have at least SPF 15. The product protects the lip skin from sunburns, wrinkles, dryness, cracking and cancers. Vitamin E and moisturising ingredients (urea, oils and butters) are extra benefits. These substances gift the lips with smoothness, tightness and amazing looks. The protective lipstick should ensure long-lasting effects. If you must reapply it after every meal or glass of water – the product is surely poor-quality.

Post-sun lip care

Your lips deserve a scrub and mask once in two weeks. Use a mild exfoliator to remove dead cells, smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin and increase blood flow. Thanks to the scrub, your lips will be bouncy, have a nice shade whereas make-up will be easier. The next step in the lip skin care is applying a mask. It should have moisturising and smoothing qualities and include softening components. Instead of drugstore products, feel free to use honey, aloe gel or sugar and lemon juice.

What about you, girls? How do you pamper your lips? 


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