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Eyes and skin around them are exceptionally delicate and sensitive. It’s really easy to irritate them due to improper care or using wrong cosmetics. Undoubtedly, especially contact lenses or glass wearers should focus on this delicate face part. As important as care itself is make-up of eyes. Hence, we should use products that deliver gentle action and have natural composition.

Regular make-up and health of eyes

Eye make-up cosmetics aren’t always tested by dermatologists or ophthalmologist. As it is not hard to foresee, this incurs the risk of skin and eye irritations. Do you know that eye shadows are able to get into eyes either during application or with the ‘help’ of sweat or sebum? Watery eyes and redness guaranteed! The allergic reactions are mostly triggered by the substances which are responsible for extending the particular product’s hold or the ones which provide nice-looking colour or pleasant fragrance. Moreover, imprecisely grinded glitter or mica can mechanically damage the conjunctiva or the inner layer of eyelid. Also, beware the best-before date. If you keep using out-of-date cosmetics, you can experience irritations which may even lead to very severe diseases of your eyes.

Mineral eye make-up

One of the greatest solutions for sensitive eyes is doing make-up with mineral cosmetics. They don’t contain any additional substances; natural tints are responsible for a product’s colour. Therefore, even if they get into eyes, they aren’t expected to trigger any adverse reactions. Just cleanse the eyes using fresh water and everything will return to its normal state. Furthermore, the expiration date isn’t fixed. This means that such products can serve you for years. However, there are two rules to follow. Namely, a mineral product must be closed tightly and be stored in a dry place.

It’s also worth mentioning that mineral cosmetics are precisely grinded and guarantee safety. You can use them daily as well as before an evening party. They are exceptionally efficient and easy to apply. Which mineral cosmetics would I recommend? My favourite ones are Annabelle Minerals and Lily Lolo. These brands offers include mascaras and eyeliners.

Do you also use mineral cosmetics?


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