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Every girl likes to have well-maintained hands and beautiful nails. Sadly, when nails are brittle and split, nice mani is impossible. If you want to coat nails with enamel, you must nourish them first. How to do it? You’ll find out in my post. Enjoy reading!


There are lots of reasons. A poor diet, diseases, improper hair care routine, regular and poorly done manicure. If your nails are short of vitamins and nutrients, they will surely be damaged. Diseases – e.g. fungi – also affect the way your nails look. Wrong products and failed mani may worsen their condition. If you often use an acetone remover, you can make your nail plate extremely dry or lead to nail splitting. Your beautician lacks knowledge about the manicure? Give up on her services immediately and find the right person.


Nail oiling

Believe it or not, oil treatment isn’t reserved for hair only. Oiling your nails makes sense as it ensures wonderful effects. If you use suitable oils (e.g. castor, almond, olive, coconut, argan), your nails will be instantly stronger, prettier and smoother. Oil your nails twice a day until you see desired results. Massage the nails while oiling to increase the absorption of nutrients into the skin and nails.

Don’t cure. Prevent!

Why visit doctors, be bothered by tests and know you have ugly nails? Prevention makes a better choice. That is why enrich your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, drink more still water, give up on junk and processed food. Take dietary supplements for better nail care. Always have a hand lotion in your bag to keep hands hydrated. Remember about gloves in winter.


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