If you’re not a shower person and prefer baths, you probably know it’s not enough to use a bit shower gel to create some foam. The best thing you can do is add emollients. What are they, how do they work and what properties they have? This post is must-read for all bath lovers. You will learn all you need to know about emollients.

What are they?

Emollients are softening substances common in various beauty products. They aim at moisturising and ensuring elasticity. They take lots of forms; you can find them in body lotions, emulsions and oils. You must know, though, that natural emollients, e.g. vegetable oils, are the most valuable and best for skin.

How emollients work?

Emollients are extremely essential for your skin. They focus on:

  • keeping skin soft and smooth
  • locking in water
  • moisturising and keeping moisture in epidermis
  • replenishing lipid layer
  • forming a protective shield on skin

What to avoid?

There are some ingredients that don’t make a good match with emollients. If your skin is sensitive, fragile or atopic, avoid the following substances: parabens, fragrances and other harmful preservatives. On the other hand, most of them won’t do much harm e.g. cause irritations. Still, better safe than sorry.

Emollients are the must-have for…

Everybody suffering from skin conditions, e.g. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, excessive flaking, cracked epidermis. Emollients work well for infants and kids’ skin care. They also make a good choice if your skin isn’t at all problematic and you just want to keep it healthy and smooth.


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