Glitter eye shadow, fake lashes, colour eyeliner and decorative jewellery… Undoubtedly, this kind of make-up looks great but do you know for sure how to remove it in the right way? It appears that proper and safe eye make-up removal is something which some girls can’t comprehend. Hence, I decided to guide you through the secrets of colour cosmetic removal. Enjoy the reading!

How to take care of skin around eyes?

Skin around your eyes is exceptionally delicate and requires a completely different type of care than the rest of our dermis. The first difference is that this around skin area contains 15 times less sebaceous glands therefore it can get dehydrated and irritated way faster. Moreover, this part of your face welcomes wrinkles and discolorations quicker; visible might be also capillaries. Another thing to mention, heavy make-up requires using many removers and skin cleansing products. Rubbing skin around eyes doesn’t influence it positively, as it also damages eyelids and eyelashes. To make the matters even worse, if the cosmetics you use are mismatched, you do more harm to the skin than good.


  • Have your hands clean. Before you remove make-up, wash your hands precisely. Bear in mind that all the bacteria and impurities that have gathered on your hands and hiding underneath the fingernails can cause severe diseases of eyes and trigger an allergic reaction. For that reason, scrub up your hands precisely. Then, cleanse eye skin area and dry it using a paper towel.
  • Use gentle cosmetics. Choose the products that have natural composition and light consistencies. Take care of picking only the cosmetics the formula of which is suitable for your skin type. Thanks to this, you will also provide your eye skin area with conditioning action. When it comes to removing waterproof cosmetics, choose the bi-phase and micellar cosmetics. These are both, very effective and super gentle in working.
  • Technique also matters. It goes without saying that you should be very careful and delicate while removing make-up from your eye skin area. You mustn’t rub the skin fiercely because you can damage eyelashes and cause irritations. Damp a cotton pad with a make-up removing lotion and press it delicately to your skin. Wait a while to let the make-up melt. Repeat this procedure until you see that the eye skin area is clean.

Author: Isabelle

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