Face wash seems like a pretty easy task. In the meantime, most girls still happen to commit beauty mistakes resulting in skin condition worsening. Luckily, you can save yourself against these skincare biffs. You just need to learn about all the common sins and then avoid them on a daily basis.

Wrong water temperature

For face wash, best is cool water able to close pores and prevent excess sebum secretion. Hot water may cause irritations, damage natural skin barrier or stimulate sebaceous glands. It usually happens when you have sensitive or couperose skin. However, when it comes to oily or mixed skin, it is the other way round. Then it is cool water that could increase sebum secretion and that would result with blackheads and pimples.

Too often scrub

Exfoliation is important, no doubt about that. However, if you overdo it, you can seriously damage your skin. Too often performed scrub makes skin lose its protective abilities (you’ll damage its natural hydrolipid barrier). It will become sensitive to every external factor and can even change its type. It is enough to do the scrub once or twice a week; afterward, always use moisturizing cream.

Incorrect application method

Did you know that some products should be applied to the damp skin while others not? If you mix something up or apply some cosmetic incorrectly, it may not work at all or expose your skin to irritations. The solution? Before use, always read the label. It will surely hold exact instruction of use.

Wrong cosmetic choice

This must be the most popular mistake. Most girls have a problem with the correct cosmetic choice. Did you know that for oily skin better are cosmetics recommended for sensitive skin? While for the normal skin cannot just use any cosmetic. Particularly cautious should be people with allergy-prone skin and atopic eczema – they should look for hypoallergenic cosmetics.

Strong towel rubbing

Even the thick and resistant skin does not like to be rubbed. Even if your towel is super soft, it can still cause irritation, damage natural skin barrier and result with redness. It is way better to use a paper towel by pressing it gently against the skin. However, if you are unable to give up the cloth towel, remember to often wash it at high temperature.


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