Allergy-prone skin is very difficult to take care of. Every day you have to deal with irritation, redness, allergies and various types of imperfections. However, thanks to paying more attention and care to the allergic skin type, you can achieve really great results. Check out how to take proper care of allergy-prone skin.

Allergy-prone skin – causes

There are quite a few reasons for skin allergies. The most important and most common are:

  • genetic conditions;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • appropriately selected cosmetics;
  • environmental factors.

Skin allergies are more likely to affect people who live in densely populated and industrialized parts of the world. In such places, there are fewer viruses and bacteria, which is why the immune system is not as strong as it should be. In addition, it is weakened by other factors, such as working in a sitting position in an air-conditioned office and at the computer, using a tanning bed or sunbathing in the blazing sun during holidays, lack of proper rest and sleep and using products with a harsh chemical composition.

What are the symptoms of allergic reactions?

Allergic reactions appear on the skin very quickly after using new cosmetics, or when in contact with adverse weather conditions or due to improper care. Then, red spots appear on the face or body, the skin becomes red and flaky and begins to peel. Swelling may also occur. People with different skin types: from thin, through normal, to combination and acne-prone skin are equally exposed to allergies.

How to take care of allergy-prone skin?

The use of hypoallergenic cosmetics is the key to success. Such products contain ingredients that bring relief to irritations. They also moisturise, strengthen and immunize the skin towards allergens. When it comes to makeup, products with green pigment will be your best choice. They will neutralize redness on the skin. It is extremely important not to use cosmetics with alcohol, soap, retinol, fruit acids as they could increase irritations and allergic reactions.


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