Do you pull a fistful of hair from a hairbrush every day?

Excessive hair loss can be your problem. In most cases the fact that hair falls out isn’t something to be worried about. After all we lose a few hairs every day, yet this quantity should be small enough to be left unnoticed.

Hair gets weaker and starts falling out excessively mainly in autumn/winter season when hair lacks nutrients, when the temperature goes down, and when it’s easier to damage hair under a hat, for example. Yet, change of seasons isn’t the only reason why hair falls out in galore.

Why hair falls out excessively?

In general, the most common causes of excessive hair loss problem are:

  • oestrogen level drop (after pregnancy);
  • various diseases e.g. thyroid gland problems, flu, infection;
  • chronic or very intense stress;
  • too high level of vitamin A or iron deficiency;
  • losing weight, anorexia, bulimia;
  • frequent hair dyeing, bleaching and hot styling;
  • wearing too tight ties;
  • improper hair care (use of mismatching cosmetics).

Uncontrolled hair loss – How to deal with the problem?

It has to be stated at very beginning that hair thinning is a condition that can be treated. It can be sorted out either by taking appropriate medication or undergoing special treatments such as darsonvalization (cell stimulation due to high-frequency impulse current). However, before you turn to professional solutions, I’d recommend you to give a try to home remedies dealing with hair loss problem. This is definitely a cheaper and simpler alternative that frequently appears to be very effective.

What’s worth trying out? How to slow down excessive hair loss?

Castor oil

Taking care of hair by coating it with natural oils is a popular treatment because the outcomes it produces are highly satisfying. When it comes to hair thinning, it’s scalp oiling that helps most. In short, this procedure depends on rubbing an oil – in this case it’s castor oil – into scalp. Why castor oil in particular? This thick oil houses many medical properties owing to which this substance is able to reinforce hair bulbs, accelerate hair growth, make hair thick and, what’s the most important here, prevent excessive hair loss.

Sea salt hair rinse

My second favourite way of dealing with the discussed problem is considerably less popular sea salt hair rinse. Why salt, which in fact removes water, is supposed to help me deal with my hair thinning problem? Firstly, because this is not just regular salt. It’s worth realising that Dead Sea salt is a rich source of minerals – magnesium, bromine, calcium, potassium and iron, so all the elements that are essential for weakened hair. Try just once washing your hair with lukewarm water with dissolved sea salt.

Drinking food yeast

Another marvellous idea that helps combating the problem is drinking food yeast. The yeast treatment facilitates slowing down hair loss and accelerates its growth. Regular yeast features a set of minerals (selenium, chromium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, iodine, sodium) as well as vitamins, including B-group vitamins. How to prepare a yeast drink? Take raw food yeast (approx. 25 g), pour a small amount of boiling water over it and put aside until it cools down. This type of mixture has to be drunk every day, but no longer than for 3 weeks.

Tip: If you don’t like the way yeast tastes, mix it with milk or a teaspoon of cocoa.

Black radish scalp lotion

Every time I don’t feel like dealing with oils, I reach for scalp lotions. They are definitely lighter, are absorbed by hair fast and affect scalp positively. When it comes to scalp lotions combating the problem of hair loss, my favourite is the black radish one. The root of this unpopular vegetable houses a number of precious substances. Thanks to them, black radish is able to regenerate hair bulbs, boosts blood circulation in scalp, counteracts seborrhoea and dandruff, but mostly it strengthens hair and prevents excessive hair loss.

Garlic scalp lotion

Somebody once said that if something looks silly, but it works then it isn’t silly at all! Therefore I believe that applying this smelly garlic to hair is a great idea. Garlic contains plenty of volatile sulphur compounds, is antiseptic, has essential oils and vitamins. Moreover, garlic strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, regenerates strands and accelerates natural hair growth phase. And it scares off vampires, ha-ha! Just take crushed clove of garlic and rub it against your scalp once a week (you can rinse it off after 20 minutes) so as to say goodbye to excessive hair loss problem.

These are the most popular methods of combating the hair loss that I use. However, I know that there are more ideas to deal with hair thinning problem!

Are there any cosmetics that prevent hair loss?

If we don’t have time to expose our hair to home hair strengthening treatments, we can always turn to application of the right cosmetics. There are even special cosmetic series dedicated for thinning hair.

Personally, I’m faithful to Nanoil hair oil. This is a blend of natural oils that matches hair structure, and therefore it doesn’t weigh hair down but works form the inside, not only on hair’s surface. Why do I recommend Nanolash to deal with hair loss problem? Because it contains two additional substances: kerastim i baicapil that reinforce hair bulbs, prevent excessive hair loss and accelerate hair growth. When combined with the finest oils (including castor oil) and vitamins, Nanoil offers a perfect treatment for every person who struggles with excessive hair loss.

Leave comments below to share your ways of dealing with hair thinning problem!


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