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Today I’m going to surprise you a little bit because it’ll be the first time I’m going to write something about eyelash care.

There are two reasons why I decided to post this entry on my blog. Firstly, an eyelash is also a hair and despite being tiny, it mustn’t be ignored. No-one would deny the fact that beautiful eyelashes is a tremendous asset therefore they have to be pampered the same way we take care of our hair. Secondly, I can’t remember when was the last time that a cosmetic astonished me to such an extend like Nanolash did – a beautiful, black and matte eyelash serum which performance is equally magnificent as its looks.

Nanolash - the best eyelash serum

Probably the majority of you have already used eyelash serums/conditioners and the effects were sometimes better, and sometimes worse. I received Nanolash serum as a gift from my beautician.

I bet you already know that in spite of the fact that my hair is my only weak spot, I also pay attention to what I apply to my face, hands and feet, etc. Nanolash eyelash serum is definitely worth describing it. In fact, the road from a hair bulb to an eyelash bulb isn’t long since both bulbs require care. Their inside contains the code for health and look of each, single hair. Indeed, we think about hair care almost constantly forgetting about eyelash care, which is bad. Eyelashes deteriorate fast and this condition isn’t only due to the weather conditions but it’s also the aftermath of us rubbing the lashes, yanking them and treating violently at make-up removal. Furthermore, the products we use to remove make-up are also frequently improper – they contain aggressive agents that irritate. Unfortunately, some mascaras contain similar eyelash-damaging substances. Moreover, this trend of making natural eyelashes extended has become similarly popular as growing the hair long. Nanolash is the only eyelash serum that works fast. Not only does it regenerate and reinforce eyelashes but also significantly accelerates their growth.

Nanolash is a total positive and I’m not even surprised why it’s gaining so many favourable opinions on blogs and vlogs. Now, when my eyelashes have become longer, thicker and more beautiful, I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to all the girls who want to have a good, effective and working eyelash serum.

Nanolash - the best eyelash conditioner
product website: nanolash.co.uk

I’m amazed how fast my eyelashes become extended – actually, it took me two weeks to notice the difference in their appearance. Also, I consider them stronger and they stopped falling out. Finally, eye make-up removal isn’t connected any longer with losing eyelashes. After four weeks of using the eyelash serum I had clearly beautiful and long eyelashes that didn’t stop extending. Currently, I use Nanolash twice a week so as to support this effect of extended eyelashes. Earlier, I used to apply the eyelash serum every day.

Since I’m talking about the application, I’m going to present you the way of using Nanolash the right way – once a day, before going to sleep, after precise make-up removal you have to spread the conditioner on upper and lower eyelash line using a thin brush damp with the product. This is like putting on a transparent eyeliner. I apply Nanolash to upper and lower eyelids. I have to add that many girls confirm using Nanolash on their eyebrows to make them nourished and more beautiful or just to make them longer or gift them with the right shape. The entire treatment lasts two months but eyelashes become longer already in the third week.

Nanolash - Before & After

I like my new eyelashes very much. I didn’t think that thanks to this simple and non-invasive way I could obtain such tremendous effects. I have to admit that Nanolash amazes by its uncomplicated and well-developed composition. It’s just a few ingredients and the effect is unbelievable. Thanks to Nanolash, my eyelashes have become gorgeous. I would never come up with the idea to buy an eyelash serum myself but now, when I know how Nanolash works, I just had to post this product’s review. I’m absolutely astonished at Nanolash and I highly recommend it to you.


Author: Isabelle

Who am I and why do I own a blog about beauty and cosmetics? My name is Isabelle and I love to broaden the mind in regard to all-things beauty. I work in a beauty salon so in my free time, I like to learn more to be up to date with all cosmetic novelties. One day, I have decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience and here we are. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

16 Comments “Nanolash eyelash serum – a hair-maniac regenerates eyelashes”

  1. Jenny

    The effect outgrew my expectations! My lashes are incredible

  2. Dorothy

    the more I hear about eyelash conditioners the more I want one 😀

    • IsabelleIsabelle

      Recommend. Have to remember that lashes just like hair need nourishment and care, even when it’s thick and long by nature 😉

  3. Angel

    after 3, literally THREE extension treatments made my eyelashes look tragic. Never again! It’s third week as I use nanolash and see that they look better and better. I’m curious how they will look in 2 months 😀

  4. Ivo

    six months and I have stunning lashes! 😀

  5. polly33

    girls, remember: it is important to always apply serum to the perfectly clean eyelid. Remove your make-up thoroughly

  6. Marianne

    Nanolash has made my lashes beautifully dense and dark.

    • IsabelleIsabelle

      I did not mentioned it in my post because I have dark eyelashes by nature and have not observed this change on myself, however, that’s true, it is one of the effects. My friends who I recommended Nanolash to have seen that their eyelashes become darker 😀

  7. Mary Winter

    I checked few eyelash conditioners; I had revitalash, l4l, L’Oreal, cheaper, high end and only Nanolash was the one for me, obviously everyone may like something different but for me this one was the best one in every way.

  8. Janet

    I have not finished my treatment yet but I will keep using it only more occasionally, like once or twice a week, you know to maintain the effect.

    • Ellie

      It really works fast but I can’t help but wonder if when i’m finished with the serum, my lashes will go back to what they were??/

      • A.W.

        It is probably good to use it once in a while but not that often anymore

  9. Emma

    as good as revitalash if you ask me

    • Edith26

      well, sort of true but nanolsh did not leave me with redness on eyelids

  10. Micka

    True, lashes are longer and there’s more of them but still it’s not the same as extensions 😀

  11. Pauline

    there’s no point in comparing extensions or false lashes and conditioner effect! Just pointless. False lashes can be as long as you want but will never look as pretty and natural as your real ones after use of conditioner


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