I am a hair oiling maniac and I admit it. Until recently, I have been using natural oils that restored my hair’s condition. My favourites are: argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and, of course, castor oil.

Some time ago, I decided to find a ready-made hair oil that would suit my needs. I figured that this way I would reduce the costs and time. How is that? It is simple. The price of one product that is a blend of natural oils is lower than purchasing several oils, often expensive ones. What is more, we must devote a lot of time to search for the best ones. Also, it is very time-consuming to prepare the bland yourself, each time you want to use it. In the past I like that, unfortunately, now I have no time for that and prefer to have a read-made solution at hand.

how use Nanoil hair oilThere was only one problem: where to find a hair product with natural components?

I have visited many drugstores and pharmacies. I have asked my friends and family members. Finally, browsing through many online forums I came across Nanoil hair oil series. I have carefully read all the reviews and the official website. And this is what I have discovered.

Nanoil – oils for hair of three different types of porosity

  • Made to work inside hair and scalp.
  • Well-balanced components.
  • Natural, silicone and paraben free, rich in valuable substances.

You can choose from three hair oils. Each of which matches particular type of porosity, therefore it is recommended to determine your own porosity prior to the purchase. You can do it by doing a simple test with the use of a glass of water (unfortunately, in my case, float test did not work), by having a test done by the trichologist (a doctor that specialises in hair treatment) or by simply observing your hair. I recommend the last method….

Now, I would like to present three types of Nanoil hair oils:

I. Nanoil for low porosity hair is made for straight, difficult to style, lacking volume, unsusceptible to curling, drying slowly and easy to weigh down hair. It that is your type of hair then this oil should work for you. The product contains 9 natural oils: cedar, coocnut, argan, castor, shea, maracuja, babassu, monoi and cupuacu. Additionally, you get a set of vitamins and UV filter.

II. Nanoil for medium porosity hair is a solution for normal hair, with the tendency to frizz and static, curly, dull, weakened, falling out, dry or poorly nourished. It this is the description of your hair type, you must definitely try out this version of Nanoil. It comprises six natural oils: macadamia, argan, marula, jojoba, maracuja and coconut. Their effects are enhanced by a set of vitamins, silk and UV filter.

III. Nanoil for high porosity hair is the third option. This one is designed for extremely damaged hair, dry, dull, falling out excessively, spit, brittle and frizzy. If you must deal with such problems on daily basis then you must act quickly. DO not hesitate, reach for this type of Nanoil hair oil. It consists of six natural oils: almond, evening primrose, avocado, maracuja and cotton seed. Also, it is enriched with keratin, panthenol, silk, lanolin, a set of vitamins and UV filter.

Nanoil hair oil for all hair typesWhich one did I pick for myself?

My hair is of medium porosity so I purchased Nanoil with jojoba and marula. This composition is ideal for me. The product is quickly absorbed. One dose is enough to cover my entire hair (medium length). There is some left to do a quick scalp massage and rub it into hair roots.


Excellent. I found my two favourite oils: argan and jojoba. All ingredients are natural and fulfil my needs. Additionally, I haven’t seen any preservatives, alcohols, parabens, silicones etc. in any of the three options. Without a doubt, you can say that Nanoil for medium porosity hair is pure and everyone can use it.


After the first use my hair became easier to style and looked much better. It was visibly smoother, softer. I had the impression as if it was covered with a silky coating. Even though I always had troubles to comb my hair, this time there were no tangles and the brush glided smoothly. After blow-drying, it gained the perfect volume.

how to use nanoil hair oilFirst week of use – I started noticing that natural curls can look really nice. Nanoil enhanced that feature of my hair. Also, I have forgotten about frizz and static. I am really getting fond of my wavy hair. Moreover, there is less strands of hair left on my comb or brush. It also takes less time for my hair to air-dry, hence I reduced the use of a blow-dryer. I no longer use other cosmetics, such as styling primers or finishers.

Second week of use – my hair gained nice colour, stopped falling out and the density increased. Ingredients responsible for boosting hair growth did their job – I have a lot of the so-called ‘baby hair’. My strands are clearly stronger and more resilient. In consequence, hair is properly moisturised and deeply regenerated.

Third week of use – ongoing. Each day, my hair is becoming more luminous, better-looking, and easier to style. I no longer spend hours on making hairdos. All I need to do is to apply Nanoil before shampoo and sometimes before blow-drying to achieve beautiful waves. It has more volume, it is easier to comb. If I tie a ponytail it seems that I have a lot more hair than before.


Visually, Nanoil for medium porosity hair looks no different from the other two versions. As for me, it is rather inaccurate solution. The brand could have thought to distinguish at least the wooden corks in three shades. Nevertheless, the glass bottle is very solidly constructed. Dark glass is intended to protect the natural ingredients from the damaging effects of the sun radiation, but the truth is that it is also a successful design. As for me, there is no more elegant hair oil available on the market.


Author: Isabelle

Who am I and why do I own a blog about beauty and cosmetics? My name is Isabelle and I love to broaden the mind in regard to all-things beauty. I work in a beauty salon so in my free time, I like to learn more to be up to date with all cosmetic novelties. One day, I have decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience and here we are. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

18 Comments “Novelty In Hair Care – Three Nanoil Hair Oils. Did They Work For Me?”

  1. Katy Z

    so far no other oil has ever been designed to take care of a particular hair type. great idea, a solution for everyone! I have to get it myself

  2. P!NK

    before, I had Kerastase, now, I am using Nanoil for medium porosity hair. To be honest, the effectiveness is quite comparable. They are both really good but the smell of Nanoil is much nicer in my opinion.

  3. Tiger

    a very interesting article, unfortunately, my hair gets greasy very easily so an oil is not an option in my case

    • Marissa

      I had the same problem and hair oiling actually helped me deal with it. You run the oil through your roots and scalp and after a while the sebum secretion decreases because your scalp becomes healthy and obviously, there’s no chance of having beautiful and healthy hair if you have problems with the skin

    • Honey

      you can use nanoil for low porosity hair, it worked perfectly for me

  4. Mags

    nice article, this oil seems really interesting. I checked out their website and unfortunately, the price discouraged me 🙁 It looks elegant but the price is a bit high

    • pollly_n

      the price is not low, but it is worth the investment. For me it was quite an expense too, but I have no regrets.

  5. YoAnna

    yeah, it might seem a lot for a hair product but as she said in the aticle, preparing your own oil blend with various natural oils will turn out a lot more expensive. You can of course use one oil but then the effects might not be as amazing. Besides, one bottle wil last you for a long time. You just have to pay a bit more for high-quality product

  6. kaYah

    I am usually sceptical towards such inventions. Oils are heavy and will make your hair greasy! Somehow, I cannot believe that it has so many advantages and miraculous effect on hair

  7. t.n.

    I have tested out mny hair oils and Maroccanoil is unbeatable when it comes to the scent. Unfortunately, it contains parabens and silicones:/ I must check out this Nanoil oil because it looks like the composition is fully natural

  8. Demi

    it didnt work for me! I applied it a few times but it made my hair heavy and flat;/ this oil is either overrated or my hair is weird ;/

    • Lucy

      maybe you chose the wrong version? There are three oils and each is designed for a different hair type, maybe it’s just a matter of choosing the right one 😉 have a look at their website and the description and you will definitely choose the proper one:)

    • Nelly

      You might not be using is the way you should. try out various methods of application, for me, the best way is to apply the oil in the evening and leave in for a few hours, sometimes I go to sleep and wash out in the morning. You will see the difference instantly

  9. Angela

    girls, I tried everything to stop the hair loss: changed my diet, used supplements, shampoos and conditioners and even if the proble disappeared, it was only temporary and it came back and it was all over again. Has this oil really helped anyone?

    • Brionne

      I can see a big difference. My haie kept falling out excessively after every wash, but now it has finaly stoppped. I have been using nanoil for high porosity hair. At first, it was 3, 4 times per week and I noticed improvement quickly. After almost two months it was really great and now I apply it 2 or 3 times a month and the hair is still beautiful and I no longer struggle with hair loss

  10. Nadia

    I have just ordered the second bottle. I am thrilled, no objections towards the cosmetic maybe apart from the glass bottle – I am constantly worried that iI might drop it and shatter

  11. Pat

    I once looked for various hair care methods and found some vlog where a girl was introducing hair oil treatment and was very och and whoa about it, I start digging for oils to try with my hair and I bought Nanoil. I couldn’t get better than this. I thought that the praise over the hair oil treatment is made into too much of a deal, but no! I didn’t think that my hair can change to this level. Try it!

  12. Alice

    an incredible oil! tooo bad they dont have NanoShampoo:D it would have been amazing 😀


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