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With this post I’M MARCHING INTO a slightly different area of beauty and care than I’m used to discussing.

I have to admit that I consider this as a fairly LARGE STEP, I can even say that it is quite a ground-breaking one to me because I’m going to talk about these famous exfoliating socks and foot care in general.

I need to tell you that I used be a traditionalist when it comes to foot care but recently I’ve been receiving many questions concerning my experiences with exfoliating socks; you were asking which one I would recommend. Well… so far I couldn’t suggest any because when it comes to foot care I had rather a conventional approach: pumice, lickety-splickety, cream, spray and (sometimes) as an element of an exceptional extravagance – salt bath for my feet… Ok, I take this kind of bath mainly in summer to cool myself down during the heat-waves. There is no better feeling than drowning your feet in a cool water… but let’s stick to the point. So, exfoliating socks.

Recently, I’ve noticed that my feet needed something more than just pumice. I don’t know how this happened but my heels started resembling logger’s heels. You know, a guy who all day walks in a heavy boots and rarely takes them off. I felt pity for my feet. I decided I would gift my feet with exfoliating socks: what are these and how do they look like? Is it worth getting them at all? Let me invite you to my ‘sock companion.’ Aha, I’m begging you, don’t ask me which one is left and which one is right and how to find that out 😀 😀

Exfoliating socks – What are these?

These are socks made of thin plastic (either white or transparent) which are soaked with cosmetic substance extracted from garden angelica, in most cases it’s dense and in the form of gel. Moreover, such socks are one-use-only, always sold in pair. One pair = one use. You need to throw them away once the treatment is over 😉

How do exfoliating socks work?

As the name speaks for itself… they are to exfoliate dead epidermis cells of your foot skin. This is the very core of foot care and the most important thing that has to be done if you care for having neat and smooth feet. Owning to exfoliating socks, your feet will regain their healthy look. Additionally, socks work very precisely and, what’s important, don’t irritate skin as it is typical for pumice.

How is it possible that socks are so precise in exfoliating without us rubbing the feet? The entire process is owned to fruity acids that the socks are soaked with. In most cases, this is lactic acid or glycolic acid, sometimes salicylic or citric acid. Caution: the process of exfoliation doesn’t start the moment you put the socks on, yet it lasts more or less a week. In the case of a very hard epidermis, you might notice ‘patches’ of skin flaking off. Don’t worry because this is a fairly common thing to happen. For that reason, it’s suggested to use exfoliating socks in spring when the weather doesn’t force us to wear flip-flops. Thanks to this, you’ll protect your feet in shoes. Also, the view of flaking-off skin doesn’t belong to the most pleasant ones. Moreover, after being treated with such acids, skin shouldn’t be exposed to sunrays. Again, shoes are a very good solution here.

Other very precious ingredients exfoliating socks can feature are: allantoin, castor oil or urea. They are supposed to moisturise, regenerate and take care of foot skin.

How to use exfoliating socks?

This is very simple. You buy a sachet with socks soaked with special conditioning substances. Then, you have to put them on clean and damp feet. Keep these exfoliating socks on for an hour or two… it depends on the ‘model’ you bought and a producer. Of course, each pair goes with a manual. Take the socks off after the defined time. Wash the skin. Dry the feet. For a week, stay away from using pumice, exfoliating sponges and any possible foot scrubs. Keep moisturising the feet with, for example, olive oil. Prepare for dead epidermis ‘patches’ flaking off. Remember, try not to strip the patches yourself since you can cause irritations and wounds. Believe me, your feet will deal with this on their own 🙂

Whom are designed exfoliating socks for?

Everybody who fights with very dry skin should find exfoliating socks useful. Also, people who have to spend the entire day in shoes. You can reach for exfoliating socks once a month, or only when you want to regenerate your feet before summer.

Exfoliating socks – Effects

To be honest, I was positively surprised with the action delivered by exfoliating socks. Once this dead epidermis ‘layer’ exfoliated, my feet became incredibly smooth and neat. I think that this kind of effect isn’t possible to obtain using scrub or pumice. Moreover, my feet regained moisturisation, became smooth, skin was lightened up and elastic. Actually, I’ve got this impression that my epidermis doesn’t exfoliate as fast as it used to. In general, the effect is spectacular and last really long.

Exfoliating socks – My opinion

Would I buy exfoliating socks again? Is the price, when compared to the delivered effects, profitable? The answer is: YES 🙂 Double ‘yes’ for the foot exfoliation. Do you also like treating your feet with exfoliating socks? Share your opinions with me below 🙂 <3


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