Beauty maniacs tend to invent something new every now and then. We already had honey cleansing, shaving the face, vampire facelift and using cosmetics with bizarre ingredients. Now it’s time for another controversial method of care – slugging. The name is immediately associated with the snail but has nothing to do with this creature.

Slugging – what is it?

Slugging is nothing more than the use of Vaseline in the role of a night mask. This is quite a good idea for intensive moisturising, protection and smoothing. Unfortunately, such care has nothing to do with the firming that many girls write about. However, using Vaseline for the night will help the skin recover and regenerate.

How to prep the skin for slugging?

The complexion should be thoroughly cleaned and toned. Then, apply a moisturizing cream, and when it is absorbed – add a thick layer of Vaseline. Thanks to this, a barrier that prevents the loss of water from the deeper layers of the skin is created. In the morning the face will be moisturized, soft and smooth. It is also worth putting a towel on the pillow so that the vaseline does not stain the bedding.

Will slugging pass the beauty exam?

Beauty gurus recommend slugging to all people regardless of what type of skin they have. According to them, Vaseline can be used by girls with an extremely dry complexion as well as by girls with problematic skin. Is it safe for your skin? Probably each of us knows what formula Vaseline is. Due to the fact that it is thick, it can clog the pores of the skin. As a result, blackheads and acne will appear on the face, and the glands will produce too much sebum. So slugging is certainly not suitable for girls who have combination, oily and acne-prone complexion.

When will slugging be most beneficial?

A thick mask with petroleum jelly will work best not at night, but during the day, and in exceptional situations. If the beautician does not recommend it otherwise, Vaseline can be used after various beauty procedures to relieve irritation. Also, you can use slugging when you are going for a long winter walk or for a mountain trek. Of course, after coming home you should wash the mask off as soon as possible.


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