Is there anyone brave enough to tell me that their body and hair look flawless when winter is finally over? Ok, people living in a warm climate are excluded here 🙂

There are a few causes that negatively influence state of skin, and these are in particular: frost, dry and hot air generated by radiators, hormonal fluctuations, accelerated/slowed down metabolic rate, weakening of natural lipid barrier of skin, unbalanced pH and sebum level (even on scalp).

If you analysed the state of your beauty and realized that, unfortunately, winter had taken its toll, don’t worry. If you need to clean up after the winter (not only in your garden) and if you are looking for some ideas how to do it – feel invited to read the following entry. Today, I’m going to present you a multi guidebook – concentrated and clear-to-follow. In a moment, you’re going to learn how to help your skin regenerate after exhausting winter.

Post-winter skin regeneration. Course of the battle ─╤╦︻3=(◣_◢)=Ƹ︻╦╤─

Secret weapon no. 1 – EXFOLIATION

… which, in other words, is applying a scrub. It’s important to make skin well-prepared for the arrival of new, fresh and skin-regenerating substances. It’s also crucial to increase skin’s absorption rate and to encourage skin cells to more efficient work. Moreover, peelings smooth skin and positively influence collagen production. Nothing but pluses.

The general rule of scrub usage is that… there are no rules at all 😀 We can exfoliate everything 😉 Seriously. From your feet (I recommend a special socks featuring fruit acids) up to the tip of your head (scalp exfoliation is especially useful when the skin hidden underneath a hat doesn’t feel good). Personally, I love all grommage peelings because they are delicate and simultaneously require a delicate massage at their removal (just to help the cosmetic get ‘exfoliated’ from skin). If you want to treat your face and body well, I suggest you to use clay masks – they are good at skin cleansing. I’m sure, none of you would experience problems with matching a particular clay type with your skin type, since there is plenty of cosmetic clays to choose from. My skin is rather oily therefore I frequently reach for green clay.

Secret weapon no. 2 – MOISTURISATION

Your skin will be sooo… grateful if you supply it with a set of moisturising substances. Moisturisation and strong hydro-lipid barrier are two basic elements of proper skin care. Without appropriate hydration skin cells wither away, skin loses elasticity and ages faster. Substances like hyaluronic acid, silk proteins or sea algae are perfect for dealing with too dehydrated skin and, at the same time, they are able to slow down skin ageing processes. Moreover, it’s worth applying moisturising face masks once a week. I choose such face masks that contain aloe because my skin does like this very substance 🙂

Secret weapon no. 3 – NOURISHMENT

Nourishment is nothing else but supplying our skin with an array of substances thanks to which dermis is able to regenerate itself and ‘behave’ as it is typical for healthy and young skin. I’m sure, nobody would be surprised if I said that vitamins and minerals are irreparable here. Therefore, if you are willing to do cleanup with your skin, reach for vitamin drops (you can use the ones destined for kids) or just buy creams, tonics and micellar lotions rich in vitamins. A good solution is also application of natural oils to your skin (and by saying ‘skin’ I mean the entire body, face and even scalp). Basically, you can use just one or a few oils. What’s important here is to choose the oil which is full of vitamins. In my opinion, the best oil is the one extracted from avocado – it contains 7 vitamins.

Secret weapon no. 4 – BODY SHAPE

Post-winter skin regeneration involves my entire body, not only face. I can’t pretend that there’s nothing to fix when this frosty season is over. I think that almost after every single winter I notice a little too much of fat located on my thighs and belly… unfortunately, I also struggle with a mild version of cellulite. For that reason, I frequently reach for cosmetics which help with removing the troublesome folds of skin and orange peel. Let me worn you that probably you won’t achieve success without exercising. On the other hand, it is fairly comforting to think that you don’t have to be a fitness celebrity to help your skin regain firmness and elasticity. I start my Body Shape routine from doing exercises for 10-15 minutes and then I follow with applying some anti-cellulite cosmetics (rich in chestnut and citrus extracts, caffeine and ivy). The effects are visible, at least on my body, already after two weeks and I have to admit that I consider this as amazing post-winter regeneration of my skin.

Secret weapon no. 5 – SERUM

This term includes preparation featuring a high concentration of nourishing and regenerating substances. In my view, post-winter skin regeneration can’t be fully successful without taking advantage of a serum. How does it work? Let’s say that serum is what espresso is when compared to a regular coffee 🙂 However, it doesn’t mean that you should resign from applying a face cream because face serum is created to be applied UNDER a cream. In other words, serum is supposed to penetrate skin but there must be ‘something’ what is able to shield our fatigued by winter skin, moisturise and smooth from the outside. A face cream is a kind of a very soft and comfortable blanket made from nourishing and protective substances. One part of them is absorbed by skin and enhance action delivered by serum and the other part takes care of the outer layers of skin. This kind of post-winter skin regeneration should be combined with scrub as well as moisturising and detoxifying masks.

Do you have your own ways of regenerating skin after winter? Tell me! I’m open to new, interesting beauty ideas 🙂


Author: Isabelle

Who am I and why do I own a blog about beauty and cosmetics? My name is Isabelle and I love to broaden the mind in regard to all-things beauty. I work in a beauty salon so in my free time, I like to learn more to be up to date with all cosmetic novelties. One day, I have decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience and here we are. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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