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You know perfectly well that I love decorating my nails with various designs, jets, sequins and everything that shimmers. You often ask me how I do it. Sometimes I use regular nail enamels with thin brushes. Other times, I use nail strips and top coat. I’ve started using a nail stylograph recently. How does the gadget work?

Stylograph – nail polish pen

Stylograph looks like a pen with renewable nibs. The tips of the tool have different sizes, shapes and thickness. You can buy endless numbers of acrylic paints and go wild with the nail art. After using the stylograph, always remember to clean the nib.

How to use the stylograph?

You paint with the stylograph as you paint with a pen on paper. The difference is you paint on your nails. You must soak the nib in a chosen paint. Remember to degrease the nail plate first. Other wise the paint will simply run down. When the design is ready, wait until it dries. Next, cover nails with top coat and cure them under the UV lamp.

Is acrylic paint the only product you can use for drawing designs?

No, it isn’t. But if you want to use a stylograph, the paint is the only choice. Why? You can apply gel with a traditional brush but you need a quick-drying and strongly-pigmented acrylic paint for the stylograph. If you don’t follow this rule, you can damage the tool.

If you want to decorate your nails with the stylograph, create your own design chart and practise using this amazing gadget. Good luck to all future mani artists! 


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