It’s usually young people who struggle with acne. Their level of hormones hasn’t stabilized yet. To make things worse, they haven’t got the hang of the right skincare routine yet. Their faces are full of blackheads, pimples and blemishes. How to treat teen acne and what to eat to have a healthy face?

Teenage acne – causes

In teenage years, the skin produces lots of sebum. The T zone is oily, the inflammation occurs, bacteria develop. These are the factors that make for the occurrence of teenage acne. Other causes include:

  • hormonal changes and the imbalance of the hormones
  • the change in the composition of sebum
  • stress and lifestyle
  • too much sunbathes, which give just a temporary improvement
  • poor diet – eating spicy food, fast food, sweets, salty snacks and dairy products

Which products to choose to fight the teenage acne?

Cosmetics for sensitive skin and moisturising, soothing and nourishing products make the best choice. Avoid products which contain alcohol, SLS and other substances which disturb the skin microflora. In acne-prone skin care, go for enzymatic scrubs, masks for acne skin, lightweight creams and pH-restoring toners.

Teen acne vs diet

Lots of people say that what we eat affects what the skin looks like. Some foods influence the hormone system, the function of sebaceous glands and the amount of secreted sebum. Preservatives, chemical additives, colorants, smell and taste enhancers may trigger or intensify acne breakouts.

What should you eat to get rid of teenage acne?

First of all, you must eliminate harmful food that I’ve already mentioned. Secondly, you must enrich your diet with fresh fruit, vegetables and high-fiber products. Food, which is rich in zinc, soothes the acne symptoms whereas products with vitamin C even out the skin tone. Try enriching your diet with products that include vitamins B, C, E and plant extracts.


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