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Today, I’m reviewing the latest L’Oreal shampoo. I bet most of you paid attention to the product while shopping for cosmetics. The shampoo catches the eye thanks to beautiful azure and mint shades of the bottle.

The shampoo belongs to the latest L’Oreal Elvive Clay range. Apart from the four hair products, clay facial masks were launched. I hope to the test them in the near future (and share with you my impressions!).

I got tempted to buy the shampoo for two reasons. It contains cosmetic clay and it’s designed for my hair type – oily roots and dry ends. The product is rich in three clays that have one goal – thoroughly cleanse both hair and scalp, lift the roots and add 72h volume. The shampoo is supposed to increase shine and moisturise hair ends without weighing down.

That’s the theory and promises. What about the reality?

Too bad… it’s not so heavenly.

To be honest, my hair hasn’t looked so bad for a long time. I don’t know if it’s due to the clay or the mix of clay and preservatives. There’s one thing I know for sure – I made my hair miserable. Instead of hydration, I got dull strands I couldn’t style because they were extremely stiff. Detangling them was hard. After blow-drying my hair was static and got some funny residue (clay?).

It was the first and last time I used L’Oreal shampoo. It must have been some black magic… I’m afraid to apply it again to my hair. Maybe the shampoo isn’t good for fine hair and simply weighs it down. I hope the clay facial masks will deliver better effects 🙂 


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