Cosmetology uses plenty of natural components and products, such as mango butter. Lately, I happened to test it on my face and hair. Did it work? Read on to learn all about mango butter use and properties.

How to make mango butter?

Mango is an exotic fruit which found its use in cosmetology. Mango butter is obtained by cold pressing and is sold as a refined or unrefined product. The latter is of yellowish colour and holds pleasant smell. On the other hand, refined butter is purified, colourless and scent-free yet with a creamy texture. It should be stored in the room temperature for better consistency and easier application.

Mango butter – properties

Mango butter consists of various beneficial ingredients. Among many are vitamins, fatty acids and polyphenols responsible for free radicals elimination, discolouration whitening, flattening wrinkles and skin regeneration. Mango butter used on a regular basis allows you to observe improvement in the appearance and condition of the skin. You can find mango butter helpful when dealing with psoriasis, AD, stretchmarks or chapped lips.

Mango butter – use

Recommended for all skin types, mango butter will come handy to people with mature, dry, normal or oily skin… It absorbs great, which means no greasy layer that would be problematic is skincare of oily and problematic skin. Mango butter does not clog pores, so the skin can breathe and function properly.

What is more, mango butter can be used for homemade cosmetics production. Unrefined mango butter is great for face and hair moisturising. To intensify fragrance and working add few drops of essential oil. Mango butter use for sugar scrub, lip or body balm.

Mango butter is perfect for baby skincare. It is safe and causes no irritations while moisturising and protecting sensitive skin against harmful external factors. It is soothing for nappy rash or eczema. Due to being able to calm itching and reddened skin it can be an alternative solution for the baby powder and bath cosmetics.


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