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In today’s post, I would like to tell you about the product that fell in love with – the BB cream. If you wonder whether that is a good option for you, please enjoy the read!

How does BB cream work?

Recently popular BB creams are a perfect alternative for the foundation. We sometimes have a problem deciding between one and the other. They both have a different function so how to choose?

BB cream is a formula developed in the mists of the XX century. At first, it was expected to conceal hyperpigmentations and calm irritations. BB cream is a combination of cream and foundation. It’s camouflaging properties are extremely subtle. It ensures a natural effect. It additionally fulfills the function of concealer, but it’s not sufficient to cover the acne, freckles, or broken blood vessels.

BB cream – can it replace the foundation?

Its properties are weaker than those of foundation so the two products cannot be treated the same. With this in mind, you need to know that BB cream is not a foundation with a creamy texture but a cream that has subtle coverage properties.

If you wish to hide all the tiresome imperfections of your skin, BB cream will not be your go-to product. However, as it turns out, BB cream can be a great make-up base to gain even tone and it will increase the foundation’s effectiveness.

BB cream composition

Those creams contain plenty of ingredients with a beneficial impact on our skin. Most of all, BB cream contains numerous vitamins and minerals. You can also find creams with natural ingredients which will also contribute to your skin condition improvement.

BB creams consist of many nourishing ingredients, oils, and others. The skin breathes better with BB cream on than with the foundation, but its wear time is shorter.

Additionally, in the composition of BB creams, you will find silicones so remember to cleanse your skin properly. Moreover, silicones are difficult to get rid of so multistage cleanse is the best option.

Who should use BB cream?

If you want your make-up to be light-weight, natural, and subtle, then BB cream is something for you. It is best for the summer season when the weighting down foundation makes no favors to your skin. BB cream has a lightweight texture so the skin will not feel so weighed down. Another advantage is that BB cream contains UV filter so can additionally protect you against harmful sun rays.

Is your skin dull and fatigued? This product will make your skin radiant and will improve the skin color while concealing minor widen pores.

Which BB cream to choose?

Choose the BB cream that is hypoallergenic and with delicate composition. This way, it’ll be safe also for sensitive skin. Besides, there are various types of BB cream which are recommended for the specific skin type. There are products for dry, combination, and oily skin. This product will work well also for mature skin.

If you observe dry skin effect, you need to quit the use of this cosmetic.

How to use BB cream?

Allow the product to be absorbed by your skin. If you want to boost the coverage effect, you will need to use also the foundation. In such a case, the BB cream will become the perfect make-up base. Is your skin suffering from many imperfections? This is the option for you. Additionally, you will extend the durability of the make-up!

I hope that I helped you at least a little bit. BB cream will not replace the foundation, but it’s worth consider its use on hot days when you want your skin to be refreshed, moisturized, or even highlighted!


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