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Are you fed up with a regular black mascara? Would you like to make a change and experience a colourful madness? If yes, I know a great way to get what you want. In this entry, I’m going to show you how to make your own colour mascara. It’s really simple. The outcomes? You’ll be swept off your feet by them. Go ahead!

Colour Mascara Recipe No. 1

You’ll need just two cosmetics to prepare your own colour mascara. These are, a mascara primer and a liquid eyeliner of the colour you want to wear on your eyelashes. If you want to go crazy, use eyeliners of different shades. It doesn’t matter if they will match one another. The final effect depends on you entirely. How to colour eyelashes? Apply the mascara primer and let it dry. Next, coat your eyelashes with a colourful eyeliner from both sides. You can also apply the product on your eyelids do intensify the effect.

Colour Mascara Recipe No. 2

To make your own colour mascara, reach for the primer one more time. You’ll also need a tint of a chosen shade. I’d recommend MAC, Kryolan or Inglot pigments. If you are no longer satisfied with mono-coloured eye make-up, mix a few shades. In this way, you’ll obtain an original shade, the one everybody would be jealous about. How to make such a mascara? Put the pigment on a piece of paper coated either with wax or petroleum jelly. Then, take a primer’s brush and gather with it the colour powder. Tap off the excess and start coating the lashes. Just imagine that you are applying a regular mascara. Of course, remember to cleanse the brush precisely when you finish applying your colourful coats. The pigment mustn’t get into the tube of your primer.

Colour of the iris vs. colour of the mascara

You can adjust your DIY mascara so as to bring out the beauty of your iris. For example, blue eyes look pretty with a dark blue mascara on. Hazel eyes will be defined due to vivid blue, purple or green coats. When it comes to red, green, brown and violet colours, these match green iris.

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