Small eyes, drooping eyelids and short leashes pose a problem for many females. With time the women lack the ideas which cosmetics to use and what should be done to make their eyes look bigger. Therefore, today you’re going to learn super eye-enhancing tricks.

Before you do your eyes…

… take care of their contour first. Shape, comb and style the eyebrows. Remove all hair which grows below your browridge. Set the proper length and thickness, as well as the spot where the eyebrow should start rising and where it should go downwards. Now, use a toner to wipe the eye skin area, remove pulled-out hair as well as sebum and other impurities that might impede makeup application. Finally, get your colour cosmetics and false lashes ready. Let’s do eye makeup!

Eye-enlarging makeup

Use an eye pencil or a dark eyeliner to draw a thin line on the upper eyelid. Thanks to this, you’re going to define the shape of your eye and outline the eyelid. Stretch the line to the outer corner – you’re going to make your eye look bigger that way. After that, use a dark eyeshadow and apply it to the crease of the eye to gift your look with depth and emphasis. Next, use a light eyeshadow, best if it features sparkling particles, and put it on the upper eyelid, the inner corner of the eye and the spot located near the end of your browridge. Then, use either a nude or very light eye pencil to mark the water line. This will also help you make the eyes look bigger.

Time for eyelashes

Perfectly coated lashes can also contribute to the eye-enlarging effect you want to obtain. Do your best to curve them and coat with a mascara precisely. Basically, it’s a good idea to attach false eyelashes (clusters) to the outer corners of eyes. Owning to this trick, you will hide the drooping eyelid and thicken the upper eyelash line. Similar results can be obtained by attaching false lashes to the lower eyelid. Just select the right length, thickness and curve of the false extensions.

What are your tried and tested tricks delivering eye-enlarging effect? How do you deal with drooping eyelids? I’m waiting for your comments and ideas.


Author: Isabelle

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