Do you use eyeliners? I’ve become an eyeliner maniac recently. I’m learning how to make a perfect cat line but the effect isn’t still what I aim for.

I’ve bought another cosmetic for testing – Golden Rose Longstay Gel Eyeliner. Did the product work for me? If you’re curious, read the following review.

Encouraging presentation

I did some reading before buying the product. Everything was so encouraging. I will sum up the producer’s promises.

The latest Golden Rose Longstay eyeliner has a gel formula that contains the finest-quality and intense pigments. It spreads easily on eyelids thanks to an applicator that lets you adjust the thickness of the line to your needs and preferences. The product is long-wear, quickly-drying and waterproof. It has gone through dermatological and ophthalmological tests.

Nice beginning

The eyeliner looks really great. It was love at first sight. The black matte cardboard box is fancy. The small jar looks like an inkpot.

I got a bit scared when I saw the brush – it’s quite thick. It looked as if it was supposed to cover the whole eyelid. My worries were gone after the first use. It makes very nice lines. If you’re good at applying eyeliners, you can create really thin lines with Golden Rose product.

I was amazed by the cosmetic after the very first application. The perfect consistency is its biggest asset. Golden Rose Gel Eyeliner spread on my eyelids smoothly. I finally learned how to make a line with just one stroke. The product dried on eyelids the moment I applied it so there were no smudges. It was really long-lasting. Golden Rose Gel Eyeliner was an excellent waterproof cosmetic for special occasions.

Huge disappointment

Why do I use the past tense? Golden Rose Longstay Gel Eyeliner let me down. It really got me down because at first I thought it would become one of my favorite make-up products. Sadly, after three weeks, it dried out and got useless!! Instead of spreading smoothly on the skin, it was sticky.

This might have been love… 🙁


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