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If you, just like me, belong to the group of girls who are constantly in a rush in the morning because you like staying in a bed for a little bit longer then you should and, as a result, you must do everything at a run, I’m sure you’ll find my entry useful. I’m going to write about the practical side of make-up. Also, having each precious morning minute in mind, I developed a fairly clever and original method to apply morning make-up. It takes no more than a few minutes only. This technique is truly marvellous! In my opinion, this make-up version is suitable to school, work, business meeting and even to a date (just add a lipstick so as to transform the daily make-up into an evening one). How to do make-up fast in the morning and look beautiful? Keep reading!


Perfect morning make-up, Step no. 1: face cream and serum

Before I start applying colour cosmetics, I must prepare my skin for this. To me, it’s the most important step that applies to all types of make-up, not only its morning version. A serum that matches face skin and a light day cream guarantee that your make-up will last really long and remain unchanged. Thanks to this a foundation will be easier to distribute evenly on face, skin tone will look better and skin itself will be well-moisturised. Mind you, choose cosmetics that correspond to your skin type. For example, if your face is oily, go for a light emulsion or a gel-cream which mattifies and replenishes skin with water. Couperose skin should be treated with a cream that answers its needs, whereas dry skin can be treated with a nourishing and hydrating cream (in the case of super dehydrated skin, you can use a face oil).

Perfect morning make-up, Step no. 2: make-up base

Make-up base is a truly awesome cosmetic. If it happens that I’m running out of time even more than usually, it’s the make-up base that I use as the last cosmetic. Luckily, I don’t have major problems with my complexion, therefore make-up base sometimes plays the role of my entire make-up. Therefore, I have to apply neither BB cream nor foundation. My make-up base is light and non-oily. It leaves skin satin-like and smooth, evens skin tone and makes my face look really well-rested, even if I’ve slept just a few hours.

Perfect morning make-up, Step no. 3: BB or CC cream

If I have more time in the morning, I apply a light BB cream. I like this product because apart from evening out skin tone, it also conditions skin and protects it against damaging solar radiation. In most cases, I use my fingers to distribute BB cream on my face by tapping it delicately into my skin. When I spot some imperfections on my face, BB cream camouflages them perfectly (in most cases). To be honest, I try to refrain from applying concealers and other heavy foundations in the morning so as not to overburden my face.

Perfect morning make-up, Step no. 4: loose powder

Loose powder is yet another cosmetic which I try to choose very carefully. After all, this is the last step of face make-up, hence it must be tried-and-trusted. I frequently reach either for transparent or translucent powders which deliver subtle, satin-like finish. One of my fav powders are rice and bamboo: they make face matte for long and nourish it at the same time. When it comes to application, use a big, hairy brush by gently stamping your face with it. This procedures take no more than a few seconds. Translucent powder diffuses light and gifts skin with a pretty, healthy tone – the effect is really natural. If you’re looking for a top-shelf product, I’d recommend giving a go to Kryolan powder. This product is considered as the all-time favourite one of many make-up artists worldwide, frequently recommended by bloggers and vloggers. Apart from a white, transparent powder, Kryolan also offers an array of, let’s call them, regular shades of the powder. Despite being labelled as products for professional make-up purposes, they can be used for daily make-up as well.

Perfect morning make-up, Step no. 5: eyeshadows

It goes without saying that in the morning we don’t have time to do the complete eye make-up, do we? Therefore, I make use of a simple life hack: I apply a delicate, matte eyeshadow of nude colour to the entire eyelid. Then, I reach for a highlighter to put it on the inner corner of the eye and right below the eyebrow arch. To me, the best highlighter for this task is the one which delivers delicate, stanine shine. This might surprise you but I use my finger to apply both the nude eyeshadow and the highlighter. Thanks to this, the colour cosmetics are evenly distributed and melt into skin perfectly. To sum up, this type of subtle eye make-up helps your look gain fresh and youthful appearance.

Perfect morning make-up, Step no. 6: mascara and brow pencil

Consider it as the last step in doing morning make-up. An interesting fact is that it’s better not to choose a mascara that delivers intensive, evening effect. Clumped and thick lashes make your face look as if it was tired. Instead, go for a mascara that features a precise, silicone brush that separates lashes well.

Now, you can reach for an eyebrow colour cosmetic. In the morning, it’s a pencil that I always use. Gels and waxes require greater precision and this is strictly connected with time which I simply don’t have in the morning. One tip of my eyebrow pencil’s stick ends with a narrow sponge soaked with a colour (owing to which you can fill in the colour along the entire eyebrow length), and the other tip features a swirling graphite which makes it easy for me to draw the missing hairs on my brows. I comb out the excess of the cosmetic with a brow brush.

In the morning I don’t apply lipstick. I frequently go for a protective balm. Sometimes I go for a lip gloss which colour is really close to my natural lip’s. If it happens that I have got one spare minute to make the use of, I add a blusher. And that’s pretty all. My morning make-up is ready, skin is radiant and flawless.

This morning make-up has another advantage. Namely, if you have some important meeting scheduled in the afternoon, you can add an eyeliner and a lipstick to make your make-up more stunning.

Do you also have your own favourite morning make-up? Do you know any simple tricks which work well in the morning and owing to which skin looks perfect? Please share them below! Have a nice day!


Author: Isabelle

Who am I and why do I own a blog about beauty and cosmetics? My name is Isabelle and I love to broaden the mind in regard to all-things beauty. I work in a beauty salon so in my free time, I like to learn more to be up to date with all cosmetic novelties. One day, I have decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience and here we are. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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