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I guess most of you would agree with me that we all love everything what is natural. Therefore, we eagerly reach for cosmetics containing ingredients that are the best for our skin and hair. My favourite ones are argan oil, ginkgo biloba, green tea and wild rose.


It’s a plant known to all hairmaniacks. This oil extracted from Argan seeds contains plenty of vitamins, microelements, antioxidants and fatty acids. Argan oil has strongly moisturising, regenerative and anti-age features; it also improves suppleness of skin. It is designed for all skin and hair types. This will help you treat dandruff, acne, psoriasis, oily skin and greasy scalp as well as highlight and reduce visibility of scars. Finally, argan oil is a perfect means used for oil hair treatment.


Ginkgo biloba has been known in medicine for centuries. Its conditioning and remedial features are well-recognized nowadays as well. This plant contains many precious ingredients, including flavonoids responsible for maintaining youthful look. Moreover, ginkgo biloba helps with cellulite reduction, capillary skin care, eliminating dark circles under eyes and reducing visibility of wrinkles.


This is a real elixir of youth. It contains many anti-oxidants as well as skin firming, moisturising and soothing substances. Cosmetics containing green tea strengthen connective tissue of skin and blood vessels. The good news is that products featuring this liquid suit all types of face skin and hair. Green tea contains vitamins A, B and C as well as mineral salts. Moreover, green tea is easily found in slimming, anti-cellulite and skin firming products. Also, this substance is frequently added to products focusing on skin around eyes and sensitive skin.


Not only does it smell good but also it takes care of skin. Cosmetic producers use flowers, seeds, blossoms and leaves of wild rose to enrich their care product. This beautiful plant is rich in vitamins, flavonoids, essential oils and tannins. Moreover, products containing wild rose are able to highlight discolorations, reduce visibility of wrinkles, replenish skin with water and make skin more supple. Apart from that, wild rose products slighty exfoliate dead epidermis cells as well as facilitate taking care of oily and seborrhoeic skin type.


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