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Wedding and the reception are very special moments in a life of each of us. We have to think about the decorations, menu, gown, hairstyle and the make-up, obviously. It is not necessary to book an appointment with a make-up artist. It is enough to meet few make-up tricks that you can use on this big day.

Wedding reception make-up should be long-lasting

After all, you want to dance the night out. Foundation and eye shadow cannot run down your face during the first dance or when you cut the cake. Anyway, you have to make sure that make-up is resistant to sweat and tears. On the other hand, the wedding look should be more intense than the daytime or work make-up. In the artificial light, make-up should be well-noticeable. Use cosmetics in expressive shades; apply few layers of each product. However, beforehand, think how you are going to preserve it.

Contrary to the appearances, preserving wedding make-up is not that hard. You should use a make-up base. The best would be silicone base which smoothers skin, even out the skin complexion and prevent smudging and fading of make-up. It is great to use waterproof cosmetics. Keep in mind that mascara, eye shadow and foundation should be resistant not only to water but also tears and temperature. You can preserve the complete make-up with a fixer which is a spray cosmetic that protects the rest of cosmetics against running down, fading and rubbing off.

Which cosmetics can I recommend you for a wedding reception?

I would choose a waterproof mascara, transparent powder, pastel products in romantic colours, cosmetics with a matte or shimmering finish. My recommendations are Pierre Rene Illuminating make-up base and Dermcol Eye Shadow Base, Bourjois eye shadow, Pierre Rene mascara, Makeup Revolution contouring palette, Make Up Factory Velvet Lifting foundation, Rimell The Only 1 Cheeky Coral lipstick.

A wedding reception make-up — my tips

Smoky eyes is a make-up where the most important are eyes. Lips and cheeks should be gently outlined. Use lipstick, highlighter and blusher in soft colours. For eye make-up choose eye shadows in black, blue, green or violet colour.

Red lips are associated with elegance. It is one expressive element for the entire make-up and for this reason it should look perfect. Take care of your lips condition by performing lip peeling and using a moisturising cream. Then use a base and a long-lasting lipstick. Outline lips with a pencil in the shade close to your lipstick colour.

Radiant skin means more than just pampered skin. If you want to shine (literally), use cosmetics with shimmering pigments. There would be the best blusher and highlighter in light shade with an addition in form of shimmering particles in warm or cold undertone.


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