Do you know where the fine lines occur the fastest? Take a closer look at your face since it’s possible that you may notice them. I’m talking now about nasolabial furrows which are the delicate creases that appear on the both sides of our face running from the nose to the corners of the lips. What can we do to minimise their visibility? Let’s start from the beginning.


Some people happen to get these faster than the others and this depends on many factors. Nasolabial furrows become more and more visible with age and are getting deepen as a consequence of, for example, the work our mouth does. This means that the more we smile, the more obvious the lines will be. These may be associated with positive wrinkles, yet we still want to get rid of them. Another feature that influences the visibility of nasolabial furrows is the arrangement and amount of fatty tissue that is located underneath the skin.


How to counteract nasolabial furrow development?

In fact, there are many methods but I’m going to bring you closer to the most popular and the most effective ones. Honestly, I’ve read many articles on this issue so I’m going to support my position by giving you arguments so as to explain why I consider the following methods as the one worth your attention.

» Retinoids

In my opinion, this is the most effective method, but only if applied on the long-term basis (I’m talking here about years of treatments). Owning to regular supplying skin with vitamin A derivatives, it makes dermis become thicker, and the wrinkles less visible. If we want to act now, so as to avoid having wrinkles when we get old, I’d suggest using retinol. Nevertheless, it’s worth realising that this method has its one drawback, which is excessive skin exfoliation. This adverse reaction can be minimised, yet we can’t avoid it completely.

» Dermapen

Microneedle Mesotherapy is another effective method of stimulating cell self-renewal processes. It supports collagen production as well as other substances that have beneficial influence on firmness and density of our skin. This is the very reason why the very method reduces visibility of nasolabial furrows. When it comes to disadvantages, this technique requires possessing just minimal skills connected with using dermapen (or Mesotherapy rollers). Otherwise, it’s highly possible that we would hurt ourselves. Definitely, I’d like to discourage you from reaching for all the cheap rollers which don’t work like they are supposed to.

Can anti-age cream help?

I’d really want the creams to work this way but I can’t lie to you. No cream delivers such a deep and intensive action to minimize visibility of the already existing wrinkles. In this case, nasolabial furrows are very hard to remove. I recommend you to use a cream as an extra to other methods. It will deliver all the moisturising and nourishing substances that skin needs.


Author: Isabelle

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