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You must have heard about cleansing face skin with oils. Another skincare method is here – 4-2-4. Supposedly, it effectively removes all blackheads, washes off the sebum excess and leaves face clean and fresh. Does the 4-2-4 method deliver such spectacular effects? Let’s check it out.

1. Four-minute washing with an oil

It’s the first step in 4-2-4 method. Make use of a make-up removing oil or any other oil that will wash products away. Massage your face skin for four minutes. It seems long but you will get rid of all make-up products. Don’t rinse the oil out; move on to the next stage. Feel free to use a regular cosmetic oil; coconut or argan oil work great.

2. Two-minute cleansing with a gel

Apply a gel or water-based product to the oil-covered skin. Massage the skin for two minutes. Remember to choose the gel that works in a similar way to the oil. The product should include similar ingredients to make the most of the cleansing phase.

3. Four-minute washing with water

The last step involves washing the oil and gel off with water. Use warm water for two minutes and then cold water for the next two. Warm water deals with thick and oily formulas whereas cold water closes skin pores and improves blood flow. After cleaning, apply a moisturiser or mask.

4-2-4 Method Benefits

The method is said to make your facial skin smooth, hydrated and cleansed. It is recommended for those who struggle with oily, acne-prone skin and blackheads. To me, it’s just a version of washing face skin with oils, the Korean women’s skincare method. Are you going to test 4-2-4 method? The choice is yours.


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