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Nowadays, we tend to use natural cosmetics more and more willingly. Is it wise of us to resign from applying regular beauty products and depend only on what we are given from Mother Nature? I invite you to read my entry where I’m going to do my best to explore this issue in detail.

What are natural cosmetics?

In short, these are certified products which ingredients are obtained in a precisely defined rules. Unfortunately, there are no law regulations which would stipulate about natural and organic cosmetics. Such preparations are only liable to rules and regulations applicable to all the cosmetics available currently on the market; they regulate compositions, marking and safety. Besides, there are many organisations operating on the market which certify cosmetic brands accordingly to their own rules.

In compliance with all the regulations, a natural cosmetic is composed of ingredients that originate from nature. Mostly, these are vegetable substances, natural compounds of animal origins (obtained in a way not to harm any animal) and mineral. The manner of obtaining and processing of such substances has to be done physically without using any chemical preparations. Basically, the compositions of some natural cosmetics feature synthetic substances responsible for extending the lifespan of the product. However, their content mustn’t be higher than 5%.

Natural cosmetics vs. regular beauty products

Are natural cosmetics better than regular beauty products? It turns out that not necessarily. The truth is, natural cosmetics can irritate the same way as their synthetic brothers. The action they deliver can be either stronger or weaker, and the effects may not necessarily satisfy you. Moreover, natural cosmetics are subjected to the same safety testes as regular beauty products. Another issue to mention, use of vegetable materials doesn’t mean that the natural cosmetics are safer. As mentioned before, despite being natural, they can cause adverse reactions alike other products. Basically, mainly allergy sufferers and sensitive skin owner are exposed to irritations connected with natural cosmetic use.

Conclusion? Use natural cosmetics, yet wisely.


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