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Makes a hairdo more durable, absorbs excess of sebum, smooths and eliminates unpleasant smell. This is how Batiste dry shampoo, one of my favourite cosmetics, works like. I always have it close at hand because it is useful in many situations, also these untypical ones. Which in particular? Keep reading.

Why are dry shampoos so good?

Their main ingredient is rice starch. And this is the reason why the product absorbs sebum and prevents the scalp from getting too greasy. Moreover, dry shampoos smooth all the surfaces they are applied to. They relieve irritations, reduce itching of skin and eliminates= redness. Additionally, dry shampoos lift hair up at its roots doubling the volume of a hairdo. How can we make a good use of these products?

Dry shampoo mattifies skin

If you have either oily or combination skin, give a go to a dry shampoo which will absorb the excess of sebum. It’s a good idea to carry the mini version of a dry shampoo always in your bag. Believe me, you will make a good use of it in the least expected situation. But how to use a dry shampoo to your face skin? Spritz the product on a tissue and then press it against the shiny face part. To obtain even better effects, before using the shampoo apply shine control blotting papers which will collect the excess of sebum and foundation. The last step of touching up, powder your face and add a little bit of a highlighter.

Dry shampoo for perspired hands and feet

Dry shampoo is a good alternative to a foot spray or an antibacterial hand lotion. In the nick of time dry shampoo is able to collect sweat and bacteria, remove this feeling of ‘sticky hands’ and reduce unpleasant smell. While talking about smell, dry shampoos feature pleasant aromas which increase the joy of using the product. Spritz the product on your palms, feet as well as socks and shoes.

Dry shampoo can freshen up a carpet?

Yes, it can! You can use a dry shampoo even to make your carpet look good. Just spray the cosmetic all over your carpet surface, wait approximately 30 minutes and vacuum it. The effect? The carpet will be more fluffy and deprived of unpleasant smells. If you keep a dog or a cat at home, this solution is perfect for you.

Do you know any other applications of a dry shampoo?


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