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Redness is one of the most bothersome and irritating skin problems. It’s hard to cure it, let alone camouflaging it. However, if you’re a fighter, try out these tricks and forget about the blushing face!

Face redness – where does it come from?

Redness on your face is reaction of blood vessels to various stimuli. Blood vessels shrink and expand in improper way which may result in redness. It happens no matter what type your skin is. Still, the blush is the most striking on couperose skin which is extremely thin. In some cases, the so-called spider veins occur – telangiectasias.

Causes of skin redness

There are various types of redness on face, including:

  • temporary redness while exercising
  • erythema usually affecting the cheeks (the slapped cheek syndrome)
  • broken blood vessels and acne rosacea

Redness is intensified when you:

  • experience intense emotions
  • work out hard
  • have hot flashes
  • don’t protect skin against UV radiation
  • stress a lot
  • drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes
  • eat spicy food

How to get rid of skin redness?

There are a few ways to do away with the unwanted blush. Use either at-home or professional care. Camouflage make-up using the right shades of products will help too.

Redness-reducing skin care

It is crucial to use products designed for specific skin type on every stage of your skin care routine. You need:

  • a mild gel cleanser for sensitive or couperose skin,
  • micellar water for make-up removal,
  • enzyme scrub for deep cleansing,
  • facial toners made up of natural, herbal ingredients,
  • moisturizer strengthening blood vessels,
  • facial masks that reduce redness,
  • sunscreen,
  • thermal water to soothe and moisturise skin.

Home remedies for skin redness

I’m sure you’ve got redness-reducing products at home. Make use of these plants: epipactis, horse chestnut, horsetail or American witch-hazel. These herbs affect blood vessels by constricting them. Drink herbal teas or apply herbs directly to skin in form of compress. Also, avoid alcohol and spicy dishes, remember about sunblock.

Make-up to camouflage face redness

If you want to camouflage red skin, choose moisturising foundations or CC creams, ideally the ones rich in SPF. Do you know that green primers and concealers brilliantly cover up red blemishes? Primers work well when large areas of your skin are affected by redness whereas concealers are best to hide small spots.


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