Just like all types of skin require different skincare, various hair types should be treated accordingly to the needs. Which cosmetics are best for normal hair and which for the one with dandruff? What is the best hair care for the dry and oily hair? All the answers you’ll find in my post.

How to take care of normal hair?

It seems to be easiest to take care of when it comes to hair care and no necessity for special cosmetics. After all, normal hair is soft and easy to style, there is no frizzing or damage due to hair dye. You just need to wash it with shampoo for normal hair and use leave-in conditioners. Once a month, you need to use regenerating conditioner and in the summer, you should remember about UV protection. However, it is crucial you won’t overdo it or come undone. The result of either? The hair would change the type, scalp pH would change as well and no longer cosmetics for natural hair would work because now hair would deal with dandruff or excess sebum secretion.

How to take care of dry hair?

The reasons for hair to be dry are numerous. Among many, we can enumerate genetics, external factors, improper hair care or styling with hot air. How should you care about this hair type? Every few days wash it with a shampoo for dry hair, then apply conditioner or regenerative or moisturizing hair mask. Avoid the use of blow dryer or straightener – these are known to weaken and damage hair.

How to take care of damaged hair?

Colouring, perming, bleaching, drying or straightening – all these damage hair. The scalp may suffer irritations as well and hair bulbs can be weakened. If that is how you could describe your hair then you should use treatment with the aim at hydration, glow and elasticity restoration. Choose cosmetics containing ceramides, proteins, and vitamins. If you have color-treated hair, use products recommended for this hair type. Use wide-tooth comb for brushing.

How to take care of oily hair?

Oily hair does not look nice, is devoid of volume and the scalp is covered in sebum. These issues appear when sebaceous glands work improperly. In such a case, it is best to use a shampoo with gentle antiseptic action and acidic pH. Do not use cosmetics with intense cleansing working as these may excessively dry out the scalp and cause for the sebaceous glands to work even worse.

How to get rid of dandruff?

The dandruff is caused by fungi that live on the scalp of each of us. Under normal circumstances, the fungi do not cause dandruff but under the impact of external factors, these may. The proper hair care for hair suffering from dandruff is to use appropriate cosmetics, including those prescribed by the dermatologist. After shampooing always remember to rinse hair with warm water.


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