Do you often seek ways to unwind at the privacy of your own place? There is nothing better than a hot bath and massage after a long busy day. Do you know that massage has a therapeutic effect? It boosts your mood, clearing the body of toxins at the same time. By combining it with aromatherapy, you get the most effective way to make yourself feel better but also beautify the skin. A massage candle turns out to be the best aid. Let me tell you how to use and choose the right one.

What is a massage candle?

Massage candle looks like any candle in a glass or ceramic container but it is made from natural plant wax, for example, soy wax enriched with some coconut or beeswax. It is formulated without stearin or toxic substances so it’s more of a hot oil than wax.

Obviously, while the candle burns, the wax melts. You can put it on the skin and massage the body. The wax is incredible, making the hands glide across the skin smoothly and conditioning it. The absorption is very fast; the wax doesn’t leave a greasy layer. It nourishes and hydrates the skin, stimulates the senses and makes you feel relaxed thanks to the aromatherapeutic scent. It gives a nice feeling of warmth on the skin, which is very relaxing.

Which massage candles to choose?

You will probably feel overwhelmed by the variety of massage candles. It’s pure madness. Plus, most of them look so lovely that you feel like having all of them!

Of course, you can choose one that you like the most – the one that you find the nicest or having the aroma you love. I choose the candles that go with my bedroom decor. I also pick fresh aromas, not sweet because I hate it. I’ve got ceramic pot candles with a handle and a spout so it’s easier to spread the wax on the body and avoid getting burnt.

If you don’t want scented massage candles, you can get the fragrance-free versions. If you get it but feel like adding some scent, you can enrich the wax with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. This way you create real aromatherapy (provided that you know the effect of different aromas).

How to use a massage candle?

At first I felt a bit scared to pour some hot wax on the skin. Of course the wax turned out to be nicely warm, not hot! The massage is really pleasurable. Believe me, using massage candles isn’t complicated or dangerous.

Don’t be afraid of getting burnt. The candle needs to burn for a moment to melt the wax and turn it to oil. Plus, the wax used in such candles is natural. Follow the directions and everything will go smoothly.

  1. Light your candle.
  2. Wait from 10 to 15 minutes so the wax melts and releases the aroma.
  3. Pour some oil onto the palms and spread it on the skin.
  4. Massage the body.
  5. You don’t need to put out the candle.

Feel free to use ANY SOY CANDLE for your massage as it is natural and safe. Oils infused into a candle hydrate the skin perfectly, leave it smoother, plus some candles have an extra anti-cellulite and slimming effect, and help get rid of some skin conditions.

Do you use soy candles for massage? Have you got a favorite? How do you feel after candle massage? Are candles better for massage than pure oils?


Author: Isabelle

Who am I and why do I own a blog about beauty and cosmetics? My name is Isabelle and I love to broaden the mind in regard to all-things beauty. I work in a beauty salon so in my free time, I like to learn more to be up to date with all cosmetic novelties. One day, I have decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience and here we are. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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