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Have you ever tried a nail and cuticle serum pen? This extraordinary conditioner is supposed to nourish and repair your nails. It can be used on gel nails too. It is definitely comfortable to use but what about the effects? Let me tell you what nail and cuticle serums contain and if they are good value for money.

What is a nail and cuticle serum pen?

Simply put, this is a conditioning product but it differs from tons of nail conditioners found at the beauty stores. Serum penetrates the nail plates and cuticles, and contains oils (making the serum slightly greasy), which remarkably improve the nails, or other hydrating and nourishing ingredients which are fully absorbed. Pen serums look really cool and usually have silicone-bristle tips which easily spread the fluid on the nails and cuticles.

Why is nail and cuticle serum a good choice?

This kind of product is specially designed for maximum nourishing and revitalizing. Oil-based nail serums are free from unnecessary additives typical of most nail conditioners which contain formaldehyde and fail to nourish the cuticles. Serums are rich in natural oils that are very beneficial for cuticles. Semilac Almond Oil Nail and Cuticle Serum Pen is one of my favorites. It contains almond oil which intensively moisturises and softens the cuticles, is absorbed fast, and prevents dryness and roughness. Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail and Cuticle Pen works wonders on my nails and cuticles too. There are plenty of products to choose from!

Oil-Based Serum Pen Equals Constantly Moisturized Nails and Cuticles

Cuticle pens are very handy and you don’t need to worry about broken bottles in travel. They are small-sized and last you long. You can reach for one whenever you spot your cuticles get dry. It takes you a moment to get flawless cuticles instantly because oils greatly moisturize and protect against damage and loss of water.

How to use a nail and cuticle pen?

To be honest, this is one of the nicest things to use. You twist a pen and get the amount of the serum you need. Then you simply smooth it across the nails and cuticles. Leave it until dry. Use serum every day; once your nails and cuticles get better, use it from time to time whenever you notice worsening condition and dryness. The great news for gel manicure fans: oil cuticle serums are safe for gel polish so they don’t change the color or make your mani fade faster.

Have you got your favorite nail and cuticle serums?


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