Ask any woman about the most annoying thing when it comes to colour treatment on hair. It will not be the time-consuming part. It will not be the immense number of colours to choose from. It will not be the difficulty in achieving this perfect colour. Then what? ROOTS. Hated by all women because manage to destroy even the most beautiful colour treated hair effect. Especially when hair grow fast and in few weeks after the hairdresser visit you can see your natural colour peeping at you in the mirror.


What if you made roots into your advantage? Instead of putting all the effort into hiding roots with a dye in a matching colour. What if you dyed roots in all colours of the rainbow to emphasise it even more and not being afraid that dye will not work as it should?

Covering roots is tiresome…

I remember the situation when I went to my favourite hair salon for another visit to cover up the roots. It would be all good if I would be taken care of by the same hairdresser as always. Unfortunately, the lady that was working on my hair seemed to cover roots for the first time in her life. It appeared as after the colour treatment my roots stand out even more than before… as if the dye did not work at all. I had no idea what was the reason for it, but I was terribly disappointed.

Today, I know that a brilliant way to cover your roots is, for example, sombre which gives a notion of gentle gradual colour from the dye at the ends to the natural colour at the roots. On the other side, why to even bother with colour treatment if there are so many effective ways to emphasise roots? Sometimes you have to do something in defiance of obvious and the effect may surprise you.

Rainbow roots are one of those methods to highlight the contrast between the colour treated hair and roots.

How do RAINBOW ROOTS look like?

I love such stylisation — bold, extravagant and contrary to appearances truly great. Rainbow roots is a way to transform the unaesthetic growing back hair, decorate it and ensure your hair style with a three-dimensional effect:

  • rainbow roots in only one shade that provides contrast for the hair;
  • rainbow roots in many mixed intense colours.

The rule is simple. The darker hair colour the lighter and more neon colour for the roots (and the other way round). For example, for fair hair (platinum or golden blond) best are intense, fruity and juicy colours.


Author: Isabelle

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