I keep a close watch on hair colour trends. Today I would like to use my blog to tell you about one of the popular and fabulous hairdos which recently has seized the social media. After all, since there is the summer, why wouldn’t we get our hair dyed neon or have a holographic effect done? ♥

Basically, I would like to show you three hair colour trends that have won my heart. I find them perfect to wear during the holiday months. In my opinion, the most suitable summer hair colour trends are:

  • neon (glowing) hair,
  • holographic hair,
  • fluorescent hair.


For a start, I’m going to put forward a proposition for women who are fed up with blonde and brown colours. Moreover, if the intensive red hair isn’t the acme of wildness for you anymore, I think that you will like neon hair! Especially during the summer such hair experiments are really warmly welcomed. You can give a go to pink, purple, blue or green. Hair dyes gifting the strands with neon effect are available at almost all drug stores’ and, of course, on the Internet. Nevertheless, remember that this season is dominated by neon hair of peach shade. Basically, a simple combination of pink and orange will do.


The second method of hair colour trend which serves crazy girls who don’t care for wearing super vivid colours. Today holographic hair comes back after seasons of being lost in oblivion. What is this concept all about? It’s nothing more but mixing pastel colours – blonde, candy pink, violet, blue and yellow shades. As a consequence, we obtain rainbow hair that many unicorns would be insanely jealous about. This summer hair colour trend suits almost all girls.


The last hair trend that I managed to fish up is something for night life lovers. Why? I’m talking here about neon hair that differs with one very important feature. This very feature completely changes the entire style and brings out this hair craziness because the hair glows in the dark. Certainly, in order to obtain such hair, you need to get special dyes because not every neon tint delivers this fluorescent effect after turning the lights off. Therefore, if you love going to clubs, glowing hair is the style that nobody would pass by without noticing it!

What does your hair think about the above-mentioned trends? 🙂


Author: Isabelle

Who am I and why do I own a blog about beauty and cosmetics? My name is Isabelle and I love to broaden the mind in regard to all-things beauty. I work in a beauty salon so in my free time, I like to learn more to be up to date with all cosmetic novelties. One day, I have decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience and here we are. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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