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Irritations, cuts, ingrown hair… These unpleasant surprises are frequent to appear after hair removal procedure, especially if it was carried out in an improper way. I bet each one of you went through this at least once. Naturally, I also used to encounter such skin problems. Fortunately, I’ve found a fast solution I’m going to tell you about right now.


Is your skin sensitive and delicate? Probably after every finished epilation, you see reddened skin that stings and itches? What should be done? Don’t apply hair removal creams which contain chemical ingredients. These are the very substances that can be the reason of appearing irritations, not only these superficial ones. The artificial substances may penetrate hair bulbs and damage skin from the inside. Therefore, use products which contain natural substances and facilitate effortless gliding of the razor.

Wax hair removal, at home or at a beautician’s? It all depends on your experience in removing unwanted hair. If you know how to do this, how to apply the strip with wax and which angle use to pull off the strip then go ahead and remove the hair at home. However, if you’ve never done this before, better see a beautician. A well-trained cosmetologist will carry out the procedure without doing any harm to you but preventing you from irritations.

How to avoid irritations after hair removal procedure?

Before you start removing unwanted hair, apply peeling first. In this way you will get rid of dead epidermis cells which might impede manoeuvring the razor. Thanks to peeling, you lift the hair up which will facilitate its removal. Moreover, you will stimulate blood circulation, firm skin and gift it with velvet smoothness. Furthermore, it’s easier to apply moisturising creams to skin deprived of hair. The substances the product contains will faster penetrate hairless skin which has been treated with peeling.

Or maybe change the hair removal method? If razors and wax don’t produce the effect you are looking for, and when your skin is irritated, give a go to depilatory or laser. Despite these two methods being fairly painful, the results they bring out are amazing. Laser hair removal is said to get rid of 90% of hair for life. If you decide to use a depilatory, you will say good bye to hair for more or less a month.

Which hair removal procedure do you choose? How do you deal with post-shave irritations?


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