Can you imagine a day without wearing make-up? I can’t, although, I have to admit that I’m used to applying very minimalistic one. Mainly because of little time I have at my disposal but also because I don’t want to overburden my face with many cosmetics that might clog my skin pores. However, there is one product I can’t resign from – a mascara that defines my eyelashes perfectly.

Lashcode - mascara that defines eyelashes perfectly

I find a mascara to be this kind of product that should be always close at hand. Also, for me it’s a product thanks to which I can leave my home without full make-up yet with my eyelashes defined. Does Lashcode fulfil this task?


Lashcode application is very pleasant because the mascara doesn’t leave smudges on the eyelids, it doesn’t clump my lashes together and is really good at separating the hair. Just amazing, isn’t it?

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According to the producer, all of the above-mentioned is the result of the velvet formula and the precise brush. I have to tell you that this wand is truly out of the common. On one hand its shape, it looks just regular but, on the other hand, its silicone bristle is thick enough and is really elastic. Basically, the entire brush is flexible thanks to which it bends to adjust easily to the shape of the eye. Definitely, it’s easier to coat eyelashes with such an applicator rather than by using a stiff brush, which can harm our eyeballs if we wield it unskilfully. Beautifying eyelashes with Lashode is just simple.

Lashcode mascara - effects before and after

The effect of Lashcode is something I couldn’t obtain by using other mascaras. Just by applying one coat my eyelashes become extended, fuller and covered with a velvet, intensively black layer. They look really natural and at the same time the eyelashes are very expressive and enhanced. Even without full make-up, without eye shadows and eye-liner, Lashcode gifts my eyelashes with a very feminine shape. When I apply two coats, I get, as I call it, the party look. Thanks to this, I can resign from false eyelashes completely.

Lashcode mascara is a cosmetic of a great quality

The lifespan of Lashcode deserves to be discussed in a separate paragraph because this is one of the mascara’s features we find the most important, don’t we? I can tell you that Lashcode coats hold out the entire day, and the effect it delivers remains unchanged no matter the time of the day (whether it is very early in the morning, or late at night). It is completely flake-free and smudge-free despite not being waterproof. In my opinion, Lashcode mascara is a cosmetic of a great quality.

I’m amazed because I was slowly getting fed up with changing mascaras. I wanted to find this one, good product and so far I think I’ve managed to accomplish my personal mission. Lashcode mascara fulfils my expectations when it comes both to the effects and the lifespan. The price is also bearable because I bought many mascaras of similar cost which, to be honest, were suitable just to throw them out. Luckily, the story with Lashcode ended up differently!

The biggest (positive) surprise are the caring features of the mascara. It has never crossed my mind that it’s possible to take care of my eyelashes during day therefore, I’m positively surprised that Lashcode contains a set of nourishing substances that improve eyelash condition always when I’m wearing my make-up. After a few first weeks I noticed that my eyelashes became stronger and more flexible. Also, I notice less of them falling out. Actually, I also find my eyelashes longer but probably it’s just the consequence of their condition improvement.

Lashcode - eyelash beautifying at their very core

Would I recommend Lashcode? Of course, I would! I think that this is a beauty product suitable for every woman who expects from a mascara to be reliable and deliver profound effects. Lashcode is something more than just make-up – it’s eyelash beautifying at their very core.


Author: Isabelle

Who am I and why do I own a blog about beauty and cosmetics? My name is Isabelle and I love to broaden the mind in regard to all-things beauty. I work in a beauty salon so in my free time, I like to learn more to be up to date with all cosmetic novelties. One day, I have decided to share my knowledge with a wider audience and here we are. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

23 Comments “Your new make-up ally. How does Lashcode work?”

  1. Rosie

    Definitely my favorite mascara! No flaking no clumping. Extra length and lashes are super thick – you don’t need more than that 😀

  2. Kathy W

    apart form the fact that the effect is great, most of all it’s long-lasting. It stays on lashes the entire day. I was looking for a good mascara that provides great eye makeup really long

    • Victoria

      Exactly! I look for the mascara that I don’t have to fix few times a day because I still have not found such.

  3. Malibu

    Great mascara! It doesn’t smudge on a hot day at all contrary to the branded mascaras which are labelled as top-rated. To me, this mascara is currently unbeatable!

  4. Sophie

    very good but I don’t know if I’d call it amazing

  5. Dee.Dee

    The best mascara ever! 😀

  6. Rosemary

    Lashcode was a quite positive surprise tome. I’m 100% sure that my eye makeup looks flawless no matter the weather or time of a day. Besides, it coats lashes perfectly. Surely I’ll repurchase it.

  7. Alex

    silicon wand is the best

  8. xxx

    What I need for the everyday make-up is good foundation and mascara 😀 I don’t know this mascara yet, but I’m willing to test it 😀

  9. Madeline

    my friend was using it and said that it is the best mascara she has ever had, like ever, which actually can be seen by lookin at her lashes, incredible, we’re buying Lashcode together the next time – it’s cheaper if bought in duo-pack

  10. Ginger111

    I bought this mascara as soon as I head about and I agree with everything 100%, there is nothing that can move it in spite of not being waterproof, yet it’s easy to remove it with a make-up remover and you don’t need multiple layers.

  11. Emma

    Where can I get it?

    • K.

      Look for it on line???/

  12. Eveline20

    The wand is awesome! Mascara is applied great to the lashes even when it’s 3 layers 😀

  13. Iris

    I’m keen on testing it 🙂 I love all make-up novelties 😉

  14. Sonya

    The quality is high and you can see that, but I wasn’t like struck by it. I’m more into heavy makeup so that it canbe seen from far away 😀

  15. Doris N

    I know it’s least important when choosing mascara,but the case if beautiful! So simple and elegant 😀

  16. Agnes De

    I wonder whether there will be waterproof version?

    • Baroness

      I have this mascara for few days now and I can say that it is as durable as waterpoof, obviously I’m not talking about swimming in the pool, but on average, everyday terms, there’s no smudging, it stays on lashes even during rain 😀

  17. Kaya30

    Nice length and thickness effect on lashes

    • Julietta

      true and no lumps at the tips as it often happened with other mascara

  18. Venice

    I had such slip-ups with mascara in the past when I spend so much cash on a new mascara and it turned out to be disappointing, mostly cause of the durability and clumps. All you say about Lashcode is really encouraging 🙂 I thing I give it a try 😉

    • Ursula26

      I had similar experience. Lancome doll eyes was the greatest failure of mine, in spite of it’s high price.


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