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I guess, you came across the same problem many times, which is: how to explain your vision of a new hairdo to a hairdresser? Probably the greatest problem is when you want to get your hair layered. Please remember, this kind of a hairdo doesn’t match each face type, therefore, not every woman feels comfortable with such a haircut.

Rule number one

If you want your new hairdo to be voluminous, ask a hairdresser to get you a haircut that will uncover your shoulders. Also, ask her to tell you how you would look like in a plain, non-layered hairdo. An experienced hair stylist is supposed to help you with choosing the right length of hair. The best in this situation are medium-length strands. Also, you can ask a hairdresser to make the back of your hair a little bit shorter.

Rule number two

Have you already chosen a new hairdo you want to wear? That’s great! You can try to ask your hairdresser to add a few subtle layers to it. The distance between the layers doesn’t have to be clear to notice. Owning to the delicate layers, you can obtain a very light and voluminous hairdo, with no visible signs of cuts. A hairdresser will tell you the place where the layers should have their beginning. They can be arranged close to your face, on the sides or only at the back. This kind of a hairdo is good for those who are fed up with the triangular shape of their hair. Also, thanks to layered strands, you can set various hairdos every day. Naturally, subtle hair layering will serve those of you who would like to add volume to the strands.

Rule number three

How to create the impression of thicker and at, the same time, lighter hair? A hairdresser uses a blunt scissors (the newest hair trend) to trim the lower part of the hair. Thanks to this, the hairdo gains lightness and intriguing texture. Do you know that this kind of a haircut is popular among bloggers? If you are for waves then this hairdo is also perfect for you. Besides, this kid of a haircut facilitates accelerated hair growth.

Rule number four

If you want to bring out the effect of naturally wavy hair, you should also go for a layered haircut. Ask a hairdresser to maintain even and gradual cuts. Thanks to this, you will have many layers and your hairdo will gain volume you’re looking forward to obtaining. Then, guide the stylist to set your hair to get the beachy look. This hairdo is recommended to all the girls who would like to have beautiful and long hair that is subtly wavy and looks natural.


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